[Trending Now] Bohemian Chic

(Versace Spring/Summer 2013 Ready to Wear)

An immortal trend that continues to reappear on the runway is the modern bohemian look, which reflect sentiments of the 60s and 70s. It remains a popular look due to its laid back, hippie spirit allowing you to embrace the warmer weather of Spring/Summer. 

1. Blumarine Spring/Summer 2013 Ready to Wear
2. Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2013 Ready to Wear
3. Salvatore Ferragamo 2013 Resort
4. Versace Spring/Summer 2013 Ready to Wear

In these outfits, there is a continuous presence of signature elements from the past, but includes a collision together with influences from the current fashion world. Blumarine's Spring/Summer 2013 Ready to Wear collection (1) truly exhibits the bohemian fashion of the past. Sporting loose fitting dresses, flowy silhouettes, and lace-up heels. The wide brimmed hats and low necklines from Saint Laurents collection reflect the dark rock and roll era of the 70s. This maxi dress ensemble is modernized through the thick black belt and more floral print for the season. The many runway looks for Salvatore Ferragamo's 2013 Resort collection amalgamate this seasons pastel nudes together with the patterns of the 70s. The lower part of the dress, reflecting the loose bell-bottom pant fit. The edge of this particular dress has intricate string detailing that runs on all sides of the dress, including the neckline. Both Ferragamo and Versace's looks are styled to perfection with gladiator sandals, another reoccurring trend in the fashion industry. The low-waisted belts give the look a more statement making piece when pairing it with the alluring bohemian undertone. This features organic dyed silks and flared sleeves, making Versace's Spring/Summer 2013 Ready to Wear collection utterly irresistible. We can see this bohemian chic look appear in numerous other brands for this years Spring/Summer collections, making it an everlasting craze in the world of fashion. 

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