[On the Runway] Zuhair Murad S/S 13 Haute Couture

This year one of my close friends introduced me to the works of Zuhair Murad, a Lebanese fashion designer based in Beirut where he opened his very first atelier. His debut appearance was back in 1999, where his pieces were revealed on the catwalks of Rome and amazed audiences from all over the world. His acclaimed collection was able to win him an anual position in the Italian Fashion Week calendar. This year, his Spring/Summer 2013 Haute Couture collection appeared in Paris. Again, presenting a red carpet-worthy catalogue, which were predominantly white and gold embellished gowns. 

 Whites and beige shades have continuously reappeared on the catwalks this Spring/Summer, and one of the methods designers have used to incorporate this trend is through the use of lace. Lace brings a more feminine and delicate feel to an outfit, perfect for any occasion. Zuhair Murad has chosen a wide array of delicate laces and combined it with sheer fabrics to create a sensual look. Most of this collection reflects the fashion of ancient Greece with its intricate designs and layering of exquisite fabrics.

 Together with lace, gold embellishments appear on a majority of the outfits. They bring the collection a sense of luxury and extravagance. You would expect anything with gold to be heavy and generally quite stiff, yet Zuhair Murad managed to integrate both the gold detailing together with silken fabrics. This created gracefully fluid movements back and fourth on the runway. The make-up is all very neutral and minimalist so it doesn't become the center of attraction for the audience. Hair pulled into a simple bun too, in order to ensure all eyes are on the ravishing pieces.

(courtesy of ELLE)

My favorite dress from Zuhair Murad's Spring/Summer 2013 Haute Couture collection has to be the finale wedding dress. The second the model entered the runway, I was awed by the detail work of the lace. I'm not exactly sure, but I'm guessing it's either needle lace or crocheted lace because of its accuracy and refined complexity. The the skirt is so beautifully crafted with a scalloped rim, complimenting the fine lace. Whereas the bodice of the dress starts at the top with an elaborate neckline, where a necklace-like effect is made by the lace, creating a turtle neck, yet it has a low neckline with the effect of fading out lace. A truly spectacular end to a collection full of grandeur and exquisite gowns.

"Ever since I was a child, I used to imagine designs for imaginary clients. I have always loved to work in the word of luxury and design...As my country in well known for its natural beauty...that expertise...made me fall into the world of haute couture," - ZUHAIR MURAD

Those are the words of a truly passionate fashion designer and a man who loves what he does and does what he loves.


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